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Confit Olives

The top Black Low Salt selection.

Confit olives are also known as 'California ripped olives' and their basic characteristic is their absolutely black colour.

Our premium Confit olives, combine great sweetness with a non-metallic taste.



Confit olives have a firm texture, glossy skin and a smooth, sweet taste.  

Their low salt content is what grants them the highest consumption in the world.

Curing process

Once approved and delivered, the olives are processed in a lye curing solution which leaches the bitterness out. When curing is completed, a series of cold water rinses removes every trace of curing solution. During the curing process, which lasts several days, a flow of air bubbling through the olives produces their natural rich dark colour. A trace of organic iron salt is then added to act as a colour fixer, so that the olives will have a decreased tendency to fade after the cans are stored. Finally, olives are canned in a mild salt brine and, because they are low in acid, they are heat sterilised under strict health rules.

We take great pride in the fact that we have a proprietary recipe for maintaining a low percentage in iron, which removes the typical metallic taste from our confit olives range.

Product forms

Confit olives come in the following product forms.

Product forms

Product forms


From size 'fine' to 'super super mammoth', our Confit olives provide different number of pieces per kilogram.

Super Super Mammoth
71-90 pieces/kg
Super Mammoth
91-100  pieces/kg
101-110  pieces/kg
Super Colossal
111-120  pieces/kg
121-140 pieces/kg
141-160 pieces/kg
Extra Jumbo
161-180  pieces/kg
181-200 pieces/kg
Extra Large
201-230 pieces/kg
231-260 pieces/kg
261-290 pieces/kg
291-320 pieces/kg
321-350 pieces/kg


Our confit olives come in the following packagings:

5lt tin
8lt tin

Our confit olives are heat sterilised under strict health rules.


Private label

Interested in private labelling? Want to have our olives under your own branding? Contact us.

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