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Green Olives

The classic, rich selection.

Green olives have a great tradition and play a significant role in Halkidiki 's community, where 80% of locals work in the olive tree cultivation business.

Our premium green olives, of Halkidiki or Conservolea (Amfissa) variety, are famous for their large size and their great stuffing capacity. As the matter of fact, they have an impressive 10-to-1 flesh-to-stone ratio.



Our green olives are harvested at an early maturity stage, around September, and they are hand picked by workers on ladders and collected in plastic baskets, with great care.  

In order to be approved to enter our facilities, they are thoroughly checked for disease, defects, insects, leaves, wood sticks and other foreign particles, and all fruits must have a uniform, natural colouring.

Curing process

After the olives are approved and delivered, it's time for the curing process to remove their natural bitterness and make them palatable.

The next stage is fermentation in salt brine, for 4-6 months. This is a process that takes place under our strict tech control, where all parameters are monitored and all appropriate interventions are made, to secure our premium standards.


Halkidiki Green olives are cylinder or cone-shaped and their colour varies from bright leafy-green to straw-yellow. Their texture is rich and juicy, their flesh is firmly attached to their stone, their aroma is fruity, and their flavour is distinctively salty, with a little tartness and a tone of pepper.

What is really exceptional is that green olives are full of antioxidants, 10 times more than that of olive oil. They are rich in calcium, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, sodium, vitamins A and E. Moreover, they are full of tocopherols and Omega-3 fatty acids, while low in total fats. That is why they offer a shield against heart disease and cancer.

Product forms

Apart from the following, we can provide our olives in various forms, sizes, stuffings, and packaging.
Please let us know what your needs are and we will supply accordingly.

Product forms*

Standard stuffings*

* Apart from the above, we can provide our olives in various forms, sizes, stuffings, and packaging.
Please let us know what your needs are and we will supply accordingly.

Product forms


From size 'fine' to 'super super mammoth', our green olives provide different number of pieces per kilogram.

Super Super Mammoth
71-90 pieces/kg
Super Mammoth
91-100  pieces/kg
101-110  pieces/kg
Super Colossal
111-120  pieces/kg
121-140 pieces/kg
141-160 pieces/kg
Extra Jumbo
161-180  pieces/kg
181-200 pieces/kg
Extra Large
201-230 pieces/kg
231-260 pieces/kg
261-290 pieces/kg
291-320 pieces/kg
321-350 pieces/kg


Our green olives come in the following packagings:

5lt tin
8lt tin
20lt tin and barrel
220lt barrel (bulk)

Our green olives are also available in pasteurised form, in 5lt and 8lt packagings, upon request.


Private label

Interested in private labelling? Want to have our olives under your own branding? Contact us.

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