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Kalamon Olives

The imperial selection.

Undoubtably, this is the most recognisable Greek variety of olives, amounting approximately to 20% of the total production of Greece. No wonder it is considered to be the Queen of all Greek olives.

Our premium Kalamon variety olives, combine a soft, mature texture with a juicy, satisfying flesh.



Like black olives, our Kalamon olives are harvested at their full maturity stage, between October and November, and they are hand picked by workers on ladders and collected in plastic baskets, with great care.  

In order to be approved to enter our facilities, they are thoroughly checked for disease, defects, insects, leaves, wood sticks and other foreign particles, and all fruits must have a uniform, natural colouring.

Curing process

Once approved, our Kalamon olives ―like our blond and black ones― are submitted in a natural curing process. Submerged first in salt brine, and then in olive oil or vinegar, their fermentation follows its natural path, for 6 months.

This is a process that takes place under our strict tech control, where all parameters are monitored and all appropriate interventions are made, to secure our premium standards.


Kalamon olives mature naturally on trees. They have a meaty texture, glossy skin and distinctive almond shape. Their texture is crunchy, their flavour is smoky, fruity and rich, and their colour has a slight variation from deep chestnut through to dark purple.

Like green, blond and black olives, Kalamon olives are full of antioxidants. As the matter of fact, they are officially classified as superfood. They are rich in calcium, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, sodium, vitamins A and E. Also, latest studies show that Kalamon olives lower bad cholesterol levels and reduce risk of heart disease.

Product forms

Kalamon olives come in the following product forms.

Product forms


From size 'bullets' to 'super colossal', our Kalamon olives provide different number of pieces per kilogram.

Super Colossal
111-120  pieces/kg
121-140 pieces/kg
141-160 pieces/kg
Extra Jumbo
161-180  pieces/kg
181-200 pieces/kg
Extra Large
201-230 pieces/kg
231-260 pieces/kg
261-290 pieces/kg
291-320 pieces/kg
321-350 pieces/kg
>351 pieces/kg


Our Kalamon olives come in the following packagings:

5lt tin
8lt tin
20lt tin and barrel
220lt barrel (bulk)

Our kalamon olives are also available in pasteurised form, in 5lt and 8lt packagings, upon request.


Private label

Interested in private labelling? Want to have our olives under your own branding? Contact us.

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