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- This is how we ensure our top-notch quality -

At Olea Company we collect, process and package olives, under the certifications of ISO 22000 (HACCP), BRC, IFS Food and Star K-Kosher, shipping to all over the world.

Quality Control

- Our 6 steps method -

1. Olive Estates / Groves

We provide vital support to our producers throughout the year and during all stages of olive production. This is mainly achieved through frequent visits to the estates/groves by agricultural/food scientists, who are exclusively employed by our company. Through specific analyses (soil and leaf diagnostics), we provide advice on appropriate plant protection means, as well as plant feeding/fertilizing schedules, that aim at achieving the greatest possible balance between production quality and yield. Through the above, the following are achieved:
• Ultimate control of raw material (olives) quality prior to harvesting.
• Avoiding the use of prohibited or unapproved preparations in spraying treatments that may prove hazardous for public health.
• Ensuring high quality raw materials (olives) that, in their turn, result in a smooth processing procedure and contribute to the exceptional quality of our final products.

2. Product reception at our facilities

Our strict raw material selection process takes place before producers deliver their olives to us. This way, we ensure that only high-quality olives reach our factory. After receiving the olives, we proceed with detailed visual inspection of each batch, removing any problematic or degraded fruit. We also send samples to certified contractors for the necessary chemical analysis. Thus, we ensure that our production line stays clear of fruits with heavy metals and unapproved pesticides.

3. Processing

 During processing, only approved chemicals of fine quality and with European certifications are used. All processing stages are supervised by our highly trained staff, food chemists and technicians. Through necessary metrics and measurements, we ensure a smooth fermentation. After that, products are stored in special tanks under optimal and fully-controlled conditions.

4. Quality control

Our state-of-the-art facilities are ISO 20000 (HACCP), BRC and Star K-Kosher certified. Experienced and highly trained food chemists and technicians work closely together in our quality control department, to ensure that products reaching our customers are of high quality and standards. A strict process of tracing is employed, which provides important information for each kilogram of olives that has been processed in our facilities. We are in a position of knowing the exact ‘route’ of our olives, from the moment of harvest, to the moment of shipment. This helps us maintain full control of all our production stages, which allows us to serve you best.

5. Product Packaging and Standardization

Products are screened based on strict quality criteria, during their extraction from the storage tanks, as well as during their stages of further processing. The process of screening takes place through a combination of human resources and technology, in order to ensure a greater precision rate. Measurements and analysis, as well as quality control tests, take place continuously, in order to ensure the high quality of our products.

6. Storage – Shipping

Following standardisation, products are stored in a specially formed space with optimal conditions, to avoid product alteration by sun, rain, or humidity. Regular measurements of important factors also take place, alongside visual and organoleptic controls, where possible, up to the day of product loading and shipment.

Raw Materials

- From fruits to additives, everything is guaranteed -

The olives we use are exclusively fresh and of premium quality. They are firstly selected by the producers themselves immediately after harvest, and secondly by us, right before entering production line.
All chemicals used for processing are approved and certified.
Additional ingredients used for stuffing (almond, garlic, pepper paste, natural red pepper, jalapeno, piri piri, orange, lemon, etc.) are also certified.
Storage drums, as well as all packagings, are also made of certified materials.


- People we love, bring us the crop they love -

Our olives made exclusively in Greece, where the best of the best fruits grow, and we only use traditional local farmers.
Just see the map below and let your imagination gallop to heavenly pure lands...


Our Olives

- Premium olives, from our blessed Greek soil -

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